A new t7h1s puzzle showed up on /r/puzzles on June 14th.  There was another one a month or so earlier that appeared to remain unsolved, so I was very intrigued to see how far I could get with this one.

Stage 1: posted on reddit

The first stage of this challenge is pretty straightforward. Up in the top left corner there are some jumbled characters and a clue to use rot47. The characters in the image are Ef9`D]@?F?:G6CD6]4@>, which decodes to t7h1s.onuniverse.com

Stage 2: t7h1s.onuniverse.com

The previous puzzle also had add as a keyword so I tried appending the randomly capitalized letters (ORL) to the end of  the domain (yielding t7h1sorl.onuniverse.com), which does not resolve. Next I tried just following the literal direction, add goodbye (yielding t7h1sgodbye.onuniverse.com) and was rewarded with the next step.

Stage 3: t7h1sgoodbye.onuniverse.com

Ctrl + z apparently means delete

Stage 4: thsgoodbye.onuniverse.com

Using the rot47 (the first code) we can translate 42== ab`\aha\_geb into call 231-292-08631. Calling this number led to an incredible garbled sounding recording of various letters and numbers. A kind reddit user, /u/xhexdumpx, posted a recording of the call which proved to be invaluable.

I tried opening the file using audacity to see if there might be something hidden, or some easy way to clean up the audio. Spoiler alert: I don't know how to clean audio in audacity, and there was nothing in the sound file's spectrogram that looked like it could be turned into real words or letters or anything.

Spectrogram of the recording

I relented and started listening to the audio trying to write out the possible matches. After several dozen passes I came up with [hx]p[czgd]lo_w7[tjk]1vlwv[d??]oor1[8x]uijpdlo.frp. The 7 and the 1 after the space seemed like they might be related to the t7h1s name of the puzzle so I tried running what I had through a Caesar cipher brute forcer which gave me [eu]m[zwda]il_t7[qgh]1sits[a??]llo1[8u]rfgmail.com. Immediately the word email jumps out, and the familiar t7h1s is at the start. Cleaning up the guess based on common english words we get email t7h1sitsallo??r??gmail.com. I guessed the real email might be t7h1sitsallover@gmail.com so I sent a tentative email to that address.

The next morning I got a nice confirmation email. No prize, but it was good to know that I was actually done and didn't need to listen to that godforsaken recording ever again!